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Custom Funnels

The success of online stores in the fast-paced world of e-commerce is primarily reliant on smart marketing methods. The development of custom funnels, which was popularized by information product brands, is one strategy that has garnered substantial support.

These customized sales processes have proven to be game changers, providing a one-of-a-kind way to engage clients, increase conversions, and provide extraordinary value. 

Understanding the Potential of Custom Funnels 

Custom funnels, also known as sales funnels or marketing funnels, are step-by-step processes that take potential buyers from awareness to conversion. Custom funnels focus on delivering tailored content and individualized experiences, whereas standard marketing tactics cast a wide net. This method enables e-commerce firms to form deep bonds with their customers, improving engagement and, eventually, sales.

The Benefits of Custom Funnels

One of the most significant advantages of custom funnels is the opportunity to cultivate client relationships. Brands may create a feeling of customization that resonates profoundly by understanding customers' specific requirements and preferences and tailoring their communications and offers accordingly. This personalized touch builds consumer trust and loyalty, which leads to increased conversion rates and repeat purchases.

The Evolution of E-commerce Stores


Initially, custom funnels were widely associated with info product brands that aimed to sell knowledge-based products such as courses, e-books, or coaching programs. However, the immense power of funnels can be used for tangible products as well. Since nowadays people can spot an ad in their feed with a blink of an eye, by providing value first we invite them on a product discovery journey. Studies have shown that on average less than 3% of people that click on the ad are in buying mode. This number is crazy low, however, by using our method we're not targeting the 3%, but rather taking the 60% of "problem unaware visitors" and converting them into customers. 

Another great aspect of why custom funnels work so great for ecom stores is that we can target them every step of the way, even after IOS changes. By using the power of the 360 approach we're able to direct visitors in different steps of the funnel providing them with new content every time they visit the link. 

What type of funnels do we create?


At GYOSEKI, we have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in creating custom funnels for e-commerce brands. Our professionals have a unique combination of industry experience, creativity, and data-driven insights, allowing us to create highly customized funnels that produce extraordinary results. We specialize in creating five various funnel types, each carefully tailored to your products' individual needs. If you wish to learn more about these 5 funnels type and how they can supercharge your marketing campaign click the link below and one of our experts will guide you through the process.

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